Welcome to the On The Ragnarocks, the headquarters of the cyberpunky pixel art point and click adventure Born Ponk, as well as its creators, Insert Disk 22.

Born Punk draws inspiration from point and click genre classics like Monkey Island and Beneath a Steel Sky, but strives to bring a lot to the table on its own. We aim to make the game a happy, joyful marriage of old and new.

Not only that, but we also want to put a different twist on the cyberpunk genre. Usually, cyberpunk is dark, almost grim-dark. Comes with the territory, right?

Born Punk, on the other hand, explores a cyberpunk universe in which all hope is not yet lost. A universe in which humanity is still progressing forward, love and trust still exists, and corporations – despite all their might – have not yet broken the human spirit.

Does this even mean this actually IS a cyberpunk game? You decide. Please join us on a short tour of Born Punk to get to know our game better, and perhaps… just perhaps… to even become a later backer of our baby!

So what is Born Punk about? It’s the story of three very different individuals who share a similar destiny: to change humanity’s trajectory forever, one way or another.

They all live on the island of Bornholm, which in our day and age is but a quaint little danish island. In the universe of Born Punk however, by the year 2155, it has emerged as the most prominent economy in Europe, rivalled only by nations multiple times its size.

Our three heroes/anti-heroes all get infected by an unknown entity. Is it an alien? Is it a rogue AI? Is it an elaborate attempt to assassinate them, or just a hot-jock cyberspace prank? They will have to work together to figure out what is behind their plight.

… spoiler alert: it’s not a prank.

We are very proud to not only present you with a scenario that we find quite creative within the good ol’ cyberpunk context, but also some features that are rarely seen in the point and click adventure genre:

Many things you do will open or close pathways for the player, will change other character’s dispositions towards you, will have influence on the ending, and/or modify the structure of the puzzles the player faces. Often, there’s multiple ways to approach a problem.

We are not only building a game, we are also building a universe. Throughout the game, the player will be able to collect tidbits of information about the world they find themselves in. That information will be stored in the game’s lore UI and can sometimes be used to solve puzzles. Or to nerd out, naturally.

We hired Jeff Kurtenacker of Wildstar and World of Warcraft fame to craft a brilliant soundtrack for our game. The music will ebb and flow based on the situation at hand. We’re also implementing various radio channels that the player can choose over our OST, using original and licensed music from various musicians who truly deserve some recognition.

Another feature that we like talking about is the way we implemented cyberspace in Born Punk. Cyberspace is a staple of cyberpunk. Arguably, cyberpunk couldn’ be cyberpunk without cyberspace. Cyber. Cyber. Cyber. Yep, the word is already losing its meaning.

Anyway! Eevi, combat hacker that she is, gets access to cyberspace at a certain point in the story. She can use the global net to hunt for information she needs to progress, or simply to meet some crazy characters who are hanging out in chat rooms. She may even encounter spam popups.

Imagine spam popups in 3D, right in front of what you perceive as reality. The stuff of nightmares. But now, let’s have a look at our characters!


Eevi is a former corporate combat hacker, previously in service of the multinational Mitsotomo corporation. Coming from a ghetto punk background, everything seemed like things were finally going well for Eevi; until the day that she was fired for having been injured in the field, that is.

Now, Eevi works for her foster father Harald 'Guldklump' Sokolov, mixing drinks and tending to his criminal clientele. She still does freelancing hacking jobs on the side, and one of them... well... one of them goes horribly wrong, setting into motion a chain of events that may change the trajectory of humanity forever.

Character-wise, Eevi is a 'give no damn, lol' kind of person, even though she constantly strives to better herself. Not that easy to achieve, when temptation in the form of alcohol, drugs and sexy androids is always around the corner.


Grandmaster Flashdrive, or 'Flash', as his friends call him (he has no friends), is an older-generation android roaming the streets of Bornholm. He has an unhealthy obsession with both 1980s gangsta rap and gaming culture of the late 20th, early 21st century.

Most people perceive Flash as quite annoying, since he likes playing his music loudly, talking loudly, and in general,being - you guessed it, loud. 

Flash gets involved with Eevi because one innocent day, he decides to download illegal rap music from cyberspace onto his brain-drive. Don't forget, kids, don't pirate music, because if you do, a strange entity may infect your circuits!

Infection or not, Flash is a good man... person... thing... at heart... uh... servo-motor... uhm... this android thing is complicated.


Mariposa hails from the island of Cuba, growing up to quickly become one of the most promising execs within the Mitsomo Corporation. For publicly unknown reasons, she was recently appointed CEO of Mitsotomo Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, far away from home.

Whatever infected Eevi and Flash, Mariposa got it first; and she also got it worst. She is almost completely in control of the entity that has invaded the brains of the three main protagonists. Thankfully, she is also fierce as hell, and she will not give up her mind and body that easily.

Whilst one could expect a career-driven CEO of a mega-corporation to be cruel, cold and calculating, Mariposa is actually trying to prioritise the good of the people in all her dealings. A honorable trait, for sure. But also a trait that is sure to get her into trouble with her peers.

You will meet many more characters on your journey on Bornholm. Barkeeps and bouncers, people living in the forms of their desire in cyberspace, coppers, druggies and… essentially… the whole spectrum of stereotypical and not so stereotypical cyberpunk characters. All of them have one thing in common: they’re a bit wacky.

And now, ladies, gentlemen – and androids – may we cordially invite you to check out our game dev diary (which may not be up to date yet when you actually click on it, as we’re quite busy working on Born Punk), aaand… maaaaaaaaybe… becoming a late backer? If you’re convinced that Born Punk may be for you, all you have to do is to click on the ‘Become Late Backer’ link at the top of this page.

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