Developer: Insert Disk 22, Australia

Genre: Point & Click, Cyberpunk, Science Fiction

Platforms: Windows (at launch), macOS/Linux/Playstation/Xbox/Android/iOS (planned)

Funding: Successful Kickstarter campaign, Film Victoria Arts Grant

Release: 17th of June, 2022, 23:00 PDT

Press Kit ZIP: Download here

Website: Insert Disk 22

Press Contact: Falko Sokolow-Iles (

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Game Overview:
Born Punk is a sci-fi & cyberpunk pixel-art point & click adventure. The player is in control of three characters, who progress through the story via dialogues, environmental puzzles and object/inventory puzzles. Our focus is on providing a fresh take on the cyberpunk genre, by introducing a healthy dose of humour to the genre. We also take pride in the choices and consequences the player will go through, which subtly nudge the story, puzzles and the disposition of other characters in one direction or another.

The player will explore the slums of the island of Bornholm, corporate glitterworlds, seedy bars and cyberspace itself; meeting some intimidating, some silly, and some outright nutty characters. Last but not least, there’s talking cyber-pirate-cats with tiny little pirate hats in the game. We were told the rest of this synopsis wouldn’t matter, because cyber-pirate-cats with tiny little pirate hats. 


Story Overview:
Bornholm. Today, a quaint island in the Baltic Sea. In 2155, a sprawling metropolis competing with major world powers. Thanks to its space elevator, a technological marvel built by Bornholm’s corporate consortium called ‘The Conglomerate’, few nations on the planet are more influential both in industrial matters and space exploration.

In Born Punk, the player slips into the role of three people (well, two people, depending on what your stance is on artificial lifeforms) living on the island: Eevi, a corporate combat hacker turned bartender down on her luck; Mariposa, the CEO of Bornholm’s biggest corporation; and an android who calls himself Grandmaster Flashdrive.

The three characters have one thing in common: they all, one after another, get possessed by strange entities of unknown origin and even less known intentions. They must work together – and sometimes against each other – to find out of the nature of the beings, what they want, and why they seem to think that their ‘mission’ is of vital importance for the future of humanity.

  • A classic point-and-click adventure experience: we’re very proud to feature our own distinct style, but we are also definitely influenced by games like Monkey Island or Beneath a Steel Sky and try to please both veteran afficionados of the genre and newcomers alike with a traditional pixel-art appearance and a streamlined, modern approach to game design

  • Movement everywhere: you won’t be feeling like you’re walking through a still life painting; Born Punk’s world is alive and full of animation, soundscapes and little details to discover

  • Choices and consequences: often, it’s possible to approach dialogs and puzzles from different angles. As a result, interactions and dialogues with other characters, the difficulty to overcome certain obstacles, and the results of many actions will vary greatly depending on the player in question

  • Full voice-overs: every character in Born Punk and every line is voiced by professional voice actors

  • Bombastic music: the main theme and various other tracks are composed by Jeff Kurtenacker, composer of Wildstar and choral arranger of World of Warcraft. Jeff is joined by a merry band of synthwave musicians to create a genuine and emotional cyberpunk/sci-fi soundtrack with a nordic twist

  • Let’s be serious, it’s funny: Born Punk is science-fiction with heavy cyberpunk influences; but we’re also boasting a hopeful, often humorous undertone. Point & click adventures without at least a bit of humour are unthinkable to us!

  • A comprehensive universe: there’s lots of background info to read and experience, which gets added to your PDA as you continue to interact with the game world. Lore nerds should be happy about this! Sometimes, in-game lore will also serve as a gameplay mechanic.

For immediate release: June 1, 2022

Falko von Falkner
Insert Disk 22


Lighthearted cyberpunk point & click adventure Born Punk is launching soon!

The humorous thriller featuring pirate cats living in cyberspace and gangsta-rapping androids launches on the 18th of June, 2022.


Melbourne, Australia — June 1st, 2022 — Australian-based developer Insert Disk 22 today announced the launch date for their Kickstarter– and arts-grant funded debut game, the point & click adventure Born Punk. Born Punk will launch on the 18th of June, 2022.

Set in 2155 on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, the player controls three characters: a former combat hacker, a corporate CEO and a malfunctioning android who get possessed by mysterious, otherworldly entities and must band together to save themselves and uncover the entities’ origins. The game promises a light-hearted take on the cyberpunk genre, choices and consequences, as well as sophisticated pixel art graphics reminiscent of the genre’s classics.

Falko von Falkner, founder of Insert Disk 22, said: “The cyberpunk genre is traditionally dark and depressing, painting a future in which humanity’s essence was corrupted by corporate interests and technology that our species was not ready for. Whilst we stay true to this general theme, it’s important for us to show that there’s also room for humour and hope within the genre limits.” He continued, stating that “A cyberpunk world doesn’t need to be an evolutionary dead end. We’re happy to present our game on Steam now, and hope that other people will find our take on the genre interesting enough to give our wishlist icon a hearty click.”

[To watch the game’s Steam trailer, click here.]

Born Punk proudly boasts a comprehensive, deep setting with myriad details to discover, and a bombastic soundtrack spearheaded by Jeff Kurtenacker of Wildstar and World of Warcraft fame. Both features are aiming at fully immersing the player in the world of the Baltic metropolis of Bornholm; a world that is not only populated by humans, cyborgs and androids, but also pirate cats living in cyberspace and other, equally wacky characters.

Join us in the future, and find out for yourself if humanity can still be saved from a depressing, anxiety-inducing cyberpunk future.

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