First off, this post also serves as a test for the Zapier integrations I have… integrated today, so if you’re reading this anywhere that is not our website, sorry if the post looks messed up!

I didn’t write a developer update for almost two months, because frankly, all I could think about was Born Punk itself. I let the universe that I was creating consume me completely, and what a fun ride that was. A week ago, I started reaching out to friends and the media, asking for coverage of Born Punk, and the results so far have been amazing.

I am truly shocked (in a positive way) by my fellow YouTube and twitch friends who have altruistically and without exception accepted my pleas to cover Born Punk on their channels. I am truly humbled by their willingness to help me out. Some may say ‘meh, it’s only a video, they can give you that much if they are your friends’, but there is more to it than that. These people have channels with 100k subscribers, 200k subscribers, 60k subscribers; and they willingly associate their brands with me, without demanding anything in return. That’s amazing, is what it is.

The media has likewise been very welcoming. I am either getting ignored, or instantly featured. I can live with that! I even get to give an interview to one of my childhood heroes from the German gaming press, Jörg Langer. Someone whose articles I read as a teenager in the early 90s.

One could indeed say: things are getting exciting. I can’t wait for the kickstarter campaign to launch on the 5th of February. It’s gonna be awesome. Thrilling. A virtual adventure in 2D. Just like my game.

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